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Mar 7, 2014
Diane James

New salon and day spa opens in Jermyn – Wilkes Barre Times

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Mar 6, 2014
Diane James

Medical spa vs. Day spa. Do you know the difference?

We’ve come to realize that optimal health is a balance of body, mind and spirit. Imbalances whether due to stress, poor diet or medical conditions can throw an entire system out of kilter.

Do you know the difference between a medical spa and a day spa?

Spas can be a great place to regain some balance by decreasing stress, relieving aching muscles, making lifestyle changes, and boosting self-esteem with aesthetic pleasures and benefits – whether it’s a day spa or a medical spa.

What’s the difference? We’ve outlined the key differences below so you can use the right facility to cure your ailments.

Medical Spas

These facilities have doctors who either perform or supervise treatments, which may be done by licensed and trained aestheticians or nurses and medical assistants. The staff consists of doctors and medically trained employees, which are both insured.

The fundamental focus of a medical spa is offering long-term solutions to a range of issues related to fat, cellulite, muscle, hair, unwanted capillaries, pigment, acne and wrinkles. Sophisticated medical equipment may be utilized.

Staple services offered may include:

  • Diet supplements and diet plans
  • Acupuncture
  • Massages
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Liposuction
  • Laser skin therapy
  • Facials by phototherapy
  • Facial fillers

Doctors offering these services include:

  • Plastic surgeons
  • Gynecologists
  • Dermatologists
  • General surgeons
  • Internists
  • General practitioners
  • Neurologists

Unfortunately, some of the desired services may not be offered at the same location, so more than one site may be needed for the procedures sought.


Day Spas

Day spas are generally more luxurious and the décor can be elegant since the focus is on relaxation and feeling better. Additionally, clients don’t have to spend long times in waiting rooms like medical spas where patients suffering from various medical conditions may be co-mingling.

Except for the licensed massage therapists however, most day spas don’t require personnel to be medically licensed.

If you are looking to be pampered, relaxed or achieve temporary fixes, then a day spa is just the place for you but don’t expect permanent or complicated solutions in most cases.

Results may not be observed until 5-6 weeks of treatments (which feel good and are usually harmless.

Services include:

  • Facials
  • Seaweed
  • Clay application
  • Alpha hydroxyl acids
  • Massage
  • Teeth whitening
  • Skin filler injections
  • Hair removal
  • Lash enhancement
  • Light therapy
  • Skin rejuvenation


Hybrid Spas – The Best of Both Worlds 

Some day spas amass professionals at one site by bringing in doctors to run and provide services.

Besides massage, weight loss programs with nutritional guidance and manicure/pedicures, many FDA-approved services include:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peels
  • Acne and scar treatment
  • Lasser hair removal
  • Laser ablation of capillaries and spider veins
  • Body contouring
  • Chiropractic services

This win-win situation serves to:

  • Make the spa more effective
  • Increase clientele for doctors and nurses
  • Enhance the spa’s reputation and provide credibility
  • Supply an added income source for doctors
  • Provide a different work site for doctors that may be reluctant to offer these services in their primary office for fear of credibility loss

The treatments help empower individuals to take responsibility for well being and arrive at ideal health.


Which One is Best?

As with the practice of using any facilities or professionals, some are great at their job and some are incompetent.

While both types of sites can achieve desired results, the crucial aspect of choosing a facility is the expertise and credentials of those performing the treatments. Look at the experience and length of time that the practitioner has had performing the craft.

A doctor may be one who only completed a weekend course and then has embarked on treating others while an aesthetician may have been successfully performing the services for 20 years.

The Medical Spa Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating both professionals and consumers “improving professionalism in the medical spa industry” and providing more training.

Before having any procedure, do you due diligence. Get a referral from someone you respect, ask questions and get recommendations from people who have had the same procedure.

Enjoy your services. Pamper yourself!

Mar 5, 2014
Diane James

Ladies Salon / Day Spa Director

Date Posted: 2014/03/05 13:19:32
Expiry Date: 2014/05/04
Ref. JB3023971

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Ladies Salon / Day Spa Director
Embellie Salon Natural Beauty Boutique

Responsible for managing and supervising all areas of the Salon/Day spa, including its programs, services, hours of operation, facilities and staff. Coordinates the delivery of salon/ day spa services, including hair, skin care, massage, nails, program coordinating, reservations, reception desk and locker room areas.

As the main manager, directs and works with the owners and hourly employees to successfully execute all spa operations. Strivesto continually improve guest and employee satisfaction and maximize the financial performance of the salon/day spa.

Managing Salon/ Day Spa Sales and Marketing Strategy
• Identifies and recommends new products and product enhancements to remain competitive in the market.
• Creates and coordinating special services for groups including group gifting programs, group amenities, group turndown gifts, letters and invitations, creating special Salon/ Day Spa services for specific groups and spa contract addendum negotiation.
• Develops and Manages Salon/ Day Spa promotions including gifting programs, gift with purchase, co-op marketing efforts and holiday events.
• Ensures Salon/ Day Spa services are included in all property-related marketing and advertising.

Managing Salon/ Day Spa Operations and Budgets
• Selects vendors for Salon/ Day Spa retail operations and managing contract agreements.
• Oversees retail product research, product selection and purchasing, product display.
• Manages supply inventories and purchasing control, including uniforms.
• Monitors the spa’s actual and projected sales to ensure revenue goals are met or exceeded.
• Maintains cleanliness of spa and related areas and equipment.

Managing Salon/ Day Spa Revenue Management Strategy
• Monitors and Manages the payroll function.
• Manages areas of operation to budget by reviewing operating statements, budget worksheets and payroll progress reports.
• Manages Salon/ Day Spa controllable expenses such guest amenities, linen expense, professional salon products, plants, decorations and paper supplies to achieve or exceed budgeted goals.

Providing and Ensuring Exceptional Customer Service
• Investigates reports and follows-up on guest incidents.
• Ensures corrective measures are implemented to prevent a reoccurrence.
• Displays leadership in guest hospitality, exemplifying excellent customer service, and creating a positive atmosphere for guest relations.
• Empowers employees to provide excellent customer service.
• Establishes guidelines so employees understand expectations and parameters.
• Observes service behaviors of employees and provides feedback to individuals and/or managers.
• Reviews comment cards, guest satisfaction results and other data to identify areas of improvement.
• Reviews findings with employees to develop appropriate corrective action, sharing plans with property leadership and ensuring corrective action is taken to continuously improve results.
• Incorporates guest satisfaction as a component of departmental meetings with a focus on continuous improvement.
• Strives to improve service performance.

Senior/Trainer Hairdresser (not mandatory)

Training and Practising (VIP Clients) Hair services such as cutting, shampooing, coloring and styling hair, and treating and massaging the scalp. This job specification may also include dressing wigs, performing hair removal and hair grooming services.


• Minimum 3-5 years of experience in a similar role with an understanding of all aspects of the spa/salon industry and of changing fashions and trends and/or 4 years experience in the spa, guest services, front desk, sales and marketing, or related professional area.

• Ability to work under pressure
• Good organizational skills
• Communication skills
• Friendly and a helpful attitude.
• Well-presented
• Pleasant personality with good sense of humor.
• Customer focus; with smart outward appearance and cheerful attitude.
• Have the love for dealing with clients without being irritable.
• Styling cut and coloring skills.
• Know how to do permanent waving, tinting and straightening hair
• Good hand-eye coordination
• Passionate with some creative flair with attention to detail
• Know how to Sterilize and maintain equipment and keep them in perfect working condition
• Sales skills
• High Computer Literacy.
• Ability to liaise with all types of customers.

Company Profile

Embellie Boutique is a first of its kind in Qatar. A women’s salon, day spa, beauty product shop and Wifi café that marries expertise, luxury, affordability and natural care. We provide the highest standards of beauty using some of the least toxic products available.

Mar 4, 2014
Diane James

Allure Salon and Day Spa, a relaxing, pampering experience – Petoskey News

Posted: Monday, March 3, 2014 11:28 am

Allure Salon and Day Spa, a relaxing, pampering experience

By Ann RowlandSpecial to the Herald Times

GAYLORD — If the latest styles and techniques, the undivided attention of your stylist and a true spa-like experience is what you are looking for in a salon, Allure Salon and Day Spa, 261 S. Wisconsin Avenue in Gaylord, is the place for you.

Owned by Crystal Hendershot-Deckrow and managed by Sarah Pruitt, the salon opened on Nov. 25 and is already the salon of choice for many.

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Monday, March 3, 2014 11:28 am.

Mar 3, 2014
Diane James

BUSINESS PROFILE: K’Bella Salon and Day Spa

Karen Benedek owner

When and why did you start this business?

In 2007, but I actually started this business back in South America. When I finished high school I went to school for aesthetics, which over there is a little different, so it took me two years. Then I went to college for five years for business then I opened a spa in Peru. Then I moved here and went back to school for aesthetics, permanent makeup and laser. I started working for a dermatologist in Glendale, and I moved to Maricopa and opened a salon on Honeycutt Road. Then I opened this salon three years ago.

What does your business do?

We are a full-service salon and day spa. We do everything pretty much but nails. We do facials, permanent makeup, and hair design. We also have a registered nurse and massage therapist. Everyone has a minimum of five years of experience; some have as many as 20 years.

What makes your business unique?

Customer service is my priority. It’s a very cozy place. I’ve been in Maricopa for seven years, so many of my customers are like family to me and we treat them like family and not like clients.

Why did you choose Maricopa to start your business?

I wanted a new city where there were not too many other salons and day spas. I wanted somewhere close to Chandler. I just like Maricopa; it is very similar to the city I grew up in, in Peru.

What is your favorite thing about Maricopa?

It is a small, cozy town.

What is your least favorite thing about Maricopa?

The smell, probably.

What are some of the challenges you face in your business?

The summer time is a slower time for businesses in Maricopa and we rely on the residents. The snowbirds are here in the wintertime, so it’s great for all businesses in Maricopa.

Where did you grow up?

In a small town in the north of Peru called Chimbote, it’s a port town. Then I moved to the capital when I decided to go to the university for business.

What is your passion outside of work?

Spending time with my child, it’s the best thing I can do. He’s in second-grade.

What advice would you give to someone opening a business in Maricopa?

There is so much advice to give. Advertising is very important anywhere, not just in Maricopa. Advertise everywhere; I’m a big believer in marketing.

How did you come up with the name for the salon?

It’s the name I had for my salon back in Peru. ‘K’ is for Karen, my first name, and ‘Bella’ means beautiful in Spanish, and Italian as well.

What is your favorite book?

I have many, but there is one in Spanish called “Be Yourself.”

What is your favorite TV show?

“Modern Family.” I really like Sofia Vergara.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

That’s a hard question. I’ve been a few different places where I would love to retire; Hawaii, the Caribbean, Italy. But I still think I like Peru.

After a long day of work, how do you relax?

Bubble bath.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

My parents, they are amazing.

What is your goal for your business?

Keep supporting Maricopa by being a business owner. Keep supporting my employees by providing more traffic and more clients. Service the community. 

20800 N. John Wayne Parkway, Suite 116

Mar 2, 2014
Diane James

Cash Mob strikes at Copper Basin Day Spa in Forest Grove

Stressed? Then this might be the month for you to join the mob.

Cash Mob in the Grove hit Copper Basin Day Spa in downtown Forest Grove on Friday. Though the mob officially struck at 10 a.m., “mobbers” are encouraged to stop by whenever they can and mention the mob
when they go.

What’s a cash mob? It’s a group of people who meet to support locally-owned businesses. The mob selects a different business, a different date and a different time to meet each month. “Mobbers” meet up and shop, offering an infusion of cash for the chosen restaurant or store.

Cash mobs have sprung up as independently-organized efforts in cities
and towns across the U.S. In Forest Grove, the mob is spearheaded by
artist Helvi Smith
, who maintains the Cash Mob in the Grove Facebook
group. In January, the Forest Grove mob hit Urban Decanter wine bar. Other mob sites have included The Sugar Shack espresso stand and Hippocra Teas.

February’s business is the Copper Basin Day Spa, located at 1914 21st Avenue. Owner Carrie Brown has had the place
for nearly five years. Brown offers facials, manicures and pedicures, and
two masseuses operate out of the shop as independent contractors. 

 The time and location of the next mob is announced a few days in advance on Facebook. Learn about upcoming mobs by joining the Cash Mob in the Grove Facebook group.

Mar 1, 2014
Diane James

3 People Arrested For Dallas Spa Robberies

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Three people were arrested over two days in connection with two Dallas day spa robberies. The Dallas Police Department announced the arrests early Friday morning.

The first robbery took place at about 9:00 a.m. on Monday morning. According to police, two people entered the Home Town Day Spa located in the 2600 block of Walnut Hill Lane and pretended to be customers. Police identified these men as 23-year-old Jacob Brown and 24-year-old Ladarius Bascom.

Jacob Brown (credit: Dallas Police Department)

Authorities said that Brown and Bascom inquired about massages and asked to use the restroom. Brown then locked the front door of the business, robbed one victim with a knife and threatened another victim with a Taser. Meanwhile, Bascom went into the rear of the business to rob other victims, police said.

Ladarius Bascom (credit: Dallas Police Department)

A third suspect — identified as 27-year-old Antonio Cooper — was allegedly waiting in a getaway car outside.

Antonio Cooper (credit: Dallas Police Department)

Then, on Tuesday, a similar robbery took place at the Good Time Spa located in the 2800 block of West Northwest Highway. Suspects used a gun during this robbery and zip-tied the victims. But officers were able to respond quickly, and ended up arresting Cooper, who led police to Brown and Bascom.

All three suspects have been charged with at least one of the robberies, and additional charges could follow.

Latest News:

Top Trending:

Feb 28, 2014
Diane James

Day Spa Robbers Caught Within 48 Hours – NBC 5 Dallas

The Dallas Police Department says within two days they have made three arrests of robbers who have targeted day spas.

On Monday around 9 a.m., Dallas say Jacob Almond Brown and Ladarius Dewayne Bascom went to the Home Town Day Spa located in the 2600 block of Walnut Hill Lane and acted like customers while Antonion Cooper waited outside.

Police say once inside Brown and Bascom locked the front door and robbed the people inside.  Brown robbed on person at knife point and Bascom threatened other victims with a stun gun, police said.

The following day, police say the trio robbed the Good Time Spa in the 2800 block of W. Northwest Highway. This time they used a gun and left the people zip-tied inside the spa, said police. Officers were able to respond quickly and arrested Cooper who later gave up Brown and Bacom’s name to authorities, police said.

Both Brown and Bascom were later arrested and police say officers found them with property that belonged to one of the robbery victims. The two men have been charged with robbery of the Home Town Day Spa offense. Cooper is also facing charges after security cameras at the Good Time Spa linked him to the crime, Dallas police said.

Brown is currently being charged with two counts of aggravated robbery with a $225,000 bond. Bascom is currently being charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and one charge of evading arrest. His bond is set at $201,000.

Detectives are still investigating to determine if additional charges may be added to their cases.

Feb 27, 2014
Diane James

Cordova day spa shut down for illegal activity – WMC

According to court records, the massage parlor is not properly licensed and the owner has been shipping in different girls every month for his all-female staff; he once claimed the mayor was as a client.

Owner Kun Jiang was arrested for failing to have proper business licenses for his employees.

Feb 26, 2014
Diane James

Suspects take nearly $7000 at Northwest Dallas day spa Monday morning

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