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Sep 1, 2013
Diane James

Hands on HealthCare Massage Therapy and Wellness Day Spa Massage …

Avery And Her Bravery Has Captured The Hearts Of So Many People As She Battles Her Villian, Neuroblastoma!

I am thrilled that most of the staff is excited to be able to participate in this event!

(PRWEB) August 31, 2013

Hands On HealthCare Massage Therapy and Wellness Day Spa recognizes that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Hands On will be raising money for Embrace Kids Foundation and The Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation and Avery a 3-year-old child who is currently battling Neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer. Avery is the daughter of Shara, who worked at HOHCMT for about a decade before moving to New Jersey with her husband Seth.

Most of the massage therapists and estheticians at Hands On will be donating their time in order to raise awareness of Childhood Cancer and hopefully raise donations as well. They will incorporate the “In Honor Of Avery Ear Massage”, a five-minute ear massage that is designed to nurture and pamper. A donation is optional. The techniques used for this massage are so simple yet so effective that Hands On has released their protocol to the public in hopes that this massage can be offered to the masses.

The therapists that have already committed to participating are Jolie, Carlos, Andrea, Carrie, Ann Marie, Jody, Brenda, Carol, Maureen, Sue, Claudia, Katie, Monica, Michelle and Elaine. Marla Kaplan-Pelle, Director states, “I am thrilled that most of the staff is excited to be able to participate in this event! The staff is looking forward to raising funds for these terrific causes!”

Ear Massage is not new. Ear reflexology has been around for thousands of years. However, you certainly don’t need an understanding of ear reflexology to receive all the soothing, relaxing and well-being benefits of an ear massage. It is common knowledge that Massage therapy often helps mitigate pain, anxiety, depression and other side effects often related to cancer and/or chemo therapy effect. Ear massage is simple and easy.

People often say that cancer “doesn’t hurt” But cancer very often can and does hurt and when it comes to children and childhood cancers. There are many causes of pain. Traditionally, the ears are neglected when giving a massage. However, the ears can often be massaged when everything else hurts. Rubbing a child’s ears can send happy feelings into the body by triggering the release of brain endorphins.

Young children often can not verbalize the level of pain nor any fear or anxiety. Parent and caregivers can be at a loss as to how they can participate in their child’s healthcare and make them more comfortable. Ear Massage can often be play in important role in pain and stress relief. Ear massage is an excellent relaxation technique and can part of the pain-relief arsenal often necessary with childhood cancer.

Hands On has many Licensed Massage Therapists that have taken additional oncology massage courses in order to work with the cancer population. Hands On Healthcare Massage Therapy was chosen as a Recommended Community Provider by Memorial Sloan -Kettering Cancer Center.

Hands On HealthCare Massage Therapy and Wellness Day Spa has been serving the Commack Community since 2000. Hands On HealthCare Massage Therapy is a recognized leader in Advanced Medical Massage in Suffolk County, Long Island. Medical Massage is often the answer regarding pain, injury and disease. Hands On offers Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Manual Lymph Drainage and is a recommended community provider for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The Spa Services Division offers spa treatments such as facials, skincare, microdermabrasion, body treatments, permanent makeup and para-medical cosmetics and cellulite reduction through ultrasound cavitation (Cavi-Lipo). The Wellness Day Spa has an extensive Couples Massage Spa Date Menu. Spa Parties are a specialty. An array of services and packages are available for both on and off-site. Beyond the Spa Services include off-site on-site workplace of event Mobile services which include bringing the day spa to the doorstep at home, venue or corporate function. Common events include bachelorette parties, showers, birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 Corporate Events and functions. Hands On HealthCare Massage Therapy claims its licensed massage therapists and estheticians provide clients with the ultimate experience in attention, service and care.

Hands On HealthCare Massage Therapy and Wellness Day Spa

Marla Kaplan-Pelle, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Lymphatic Therapist, Director

208 Commack Road, Commack, NY 11725




Jul 18, 2013
Diane James

Daily Deal: Spa day with massage at Sofitel LA starts at $175

Short on vacation time? Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills doesn’t want you to miss out. The hotel opposite the Beverly Center is offering a day spa package for $175 to $220 that starts with a massage in a private cabana at the rooftop pool and a Champagne toast.

Jul 2, 2013
Diane James’s Newest Feature: Massage Therapist and Day Spa Listing at … is bridging the gap in the day spa community and is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness throughout the bay area.

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) June 26, 2013 is growing and inviting customers to try new massages at affordable prices at an affiliated spa near them. In addition to their increasing clientele, DoubleOwl welcomes professional massage therapists and day spas from all over the bay area. Unlike other directory websites, however, DoubleOwl will list these massage therapists and day spas at no charge. With the intent on building relationships throughout the day spa community, and bridging the gap between massage therapists, day spas, and loyal day spa customers, DoubleOwl vows to list willing day spas and massage therapists at no charge. This unique proposition benefits more than just DoubleOwl.

A massage therapist can affiliate with DoubleOwl and create their own personal profile on the website at no cost to them, which helps them expand their own personal clientele, gain loyal customers, enhance their massage techniques, and increase their experience in the day spa industry. Massage therapists will find that their business will grow exponentially from the first day they sign up with DoubleOwl.

Similarly, the day spas that affiliate with DoubleOwl for free will begin to see their empty rooms occupied, and their clientele list increase. The massage therapists at these day spas also have the opportunity to sign up on DoubleOwl at no cost to them in order to gain more experience. Day spas will not regret affiliating with DoubleOwl and becoming connected with a wide range of massage therapists, day spa customers, and other day spas across the bay area.

This is only the newest feature to come out of the DoubleOwl website. is bridging the gap in the day spa community and is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness throughout the bay area.



Jun 12, 2013
Nancy Keller

Vermont Police Take Hands-Off Approach to Investigating Massage-Parlor …

One week after Seven Days published firsthand accounts of prostitution and possible evidence of human trafficking in three Chittenden County massage parlors, Vermont police have yet to visit any of the establishments and expressed uncertainty about how to respond to the crimes reported in the article.

One of the establishments — Harmony Health Spa in Williston — was still open for business and accepting customers as of press time. The other two — River Spa in Burlington and Seiwa Spa in Essex — appear to have closed, albeit voluntarily.

But in Bennington on Monday, police cited the owner of Cozy Spa massage parlor for prostitution following a raid by the FBI and local police last month. Owner Young Shin has a history of prostitution in four states and will be arraigned in a Bennington courtroom on July 22.

The hands-off police response in Chittenden County highlights a challenge that human trafficking experts say is endemic in such cases: Local law enforcement often lacks the resources, manpower and expertise to take on the networks behind the problem, which may be national or even global.

At least one local authority appears to be taking some action. Chittenden County State’s Attorney T.J. Donovan said he has scheduled a meeting on the matter for June 12 involving his office, state police, the FBI, victims’ advocates and municipal attorneys from Burlington and Essex.

Donovan also said that he will hold landlords criminally liable if it’s shown that they knowingly allowed prostitution, human trafficking, or other “lewd and lascivious acts” to occur on their properties. Donovan said he plans to send certified letters to the owners of all three properties, along with copies of the Seven Days story, warning of their potential criminal culpability.

“Your article puts every landlord on notice,” Donovan said, referring to the June 5 cover story, “Unhappy Endings: Getting a Grip on Vermont’s Asian Sex Market.” “Therefore, they may be in violation of Vermont criminal law.”

Two of the spas outed in last week’s article apparently didn’t wait around for an official response. Fewer than 24 hours after the story was published, the neon “open” light at Burlington’s River Spa had disappeared from the window. No one answered the phone or door on Thursday, June 6, and a contractor working in the building said he hadn’t seen anyone enter or leave the premises all day. As of press time, the spa was still shuttered.

Employees of Seiwa Spa were seen loading a U-Haul over the weekend and the business appeared closed on Tuesday. However, Harmony Spa was still open for business on Tuesday, June 11.

The Asian women who answered the door at two of the establishments late last week were the same women described in the June 5 article — “Candy” and “Chi-Chi” at Harmony Health Spa; “Rose” at Seiwa. All three women seemed unaware of the Seven Days report.

One employee of Harmony Health Spa repeated that she lives on the premises, which, if true, would be a zoning violation, according to Williston assistant clerk/treasurer Sarah Mason. Candy also reiterated that she works seven days a week, from early in the morning until late at night — a work schedule that would violate labor law — but denied she provides sex for money.

When asked if she is working there of her own free will, Candy said, “I don’t know,” though, due to a language barrier, it’s unclear whether she fully understood the question.

Candy spoke willingly to this reporter until she was chided, in Korean, by Chi-Chi, an older Korean woman who asked me to leave the premises. Jisu Kim, a professional Korean interpreter who has worked on human trafficking cases, listened to an audio recording of the conversation and translated Chi-Chi’s comment to Candy as, “This guy’s asking us if we live onsite. Why are you still talking to him? You should have told him to leave already!”

Rose, who answered the door at Seiwa Spa on June 6, was also one of the women in last week’s cover story. When I revisited the spa and identified myself as a reporter, she, too, denied offering clients sex for money but said, “Hand job no sex.”

Rose said she didn’t know her boss’s name. How did she get to Vermont? “I don’t remember. I forget everything,” she said. Asked if she wants to be working there, she said, “I don’t know. Why?” As with Candy, the extent to which Rose understood the questions, offered in English, could not be determined.

Police in Williston and Essex confirmed that they had not visited either establishment as of late Friday.

Like all of the law enforcement agencies contacted by Seven Days, they characterized published reports of prostitution — both in this newspaper and on adult websites such as — as “serious” and “disturbing.” And while most cops expressed appreciation to Seven Days for exposing them, they seemed at a loss to identify an appropriate response to those businesses.

The conditions in all three establishments were consistent with what experts say are typical of Asian massage parlors engaged in human trafficking: all-male clientele; an abundant use of surveillance cameras; locked doors and buzzers to screen customers; seemingly undocumented cash transactions; and windows covered with bars, boards or curtains. The workers were all Asian women who claimed they work seven days a week and are on the premises 24 hours a day.

“These are very complex investigations, and they take a lot of time,” said State Police Lt. J.P. Sinclair, who serves on the Vermont Human Trafficking Task Force, a joint task force established by the Vermont legislature that is made up of law enforcement, victim advocates and social-service providers.

Sinclair says the task force doesn’t have the personnel or resources to investigate human trafficking allegations. Instead, the 28-member task force devotes its energy to training local police, first responders, hospital staff and social workers to spot signs of human trafficking and develop protocols for helping victims.

Burlington Deputy Police Chief Andi Higbee was noncommittal about what action, if any, his department would take in response to reports of prostitution at River Spa.

“When this type of information comes to us, we evaluate it and forward it to the proper entities, if need be,” Higbee said, though he declined to name those entities.

Williston Police Chief Todd Shepard all but threw up his hands in the face of the criminal activity that he’s suspected for some time was taking place at Harmony Spa.

“Unfortunately, we know it’s happening. I’d love that business to be shut down,” Shepard said. But, he added, “It’s not like we’re getting complaints about the business, or complaints from any clients that issues are happening there.”

Shepard noted that because the town of Williston doesn’t license businesses, the chief wasn’t sure what his department could do other than pressuring the building’s owner, Tom Booska, to clean up his act.

“We’ve had federal agencies in on the bigger issues [of trafficking] there, and nothing has happened,” the chief added, referring to the July 2004 raid on Harmony Spa and two other massage parlors in Chittenden County. Williston and Essex police, with FBI and U.S. immigration agents, netted eight undocumented workers in the raid — including three women who admitted to performing sex for money — but no suspected ringleaders.

No one was prosecuted in that case, however, and police later acknowledged they botched the investigation by mistaking likely trafficking victims for willing prostitutes and allowing them to disappear. That case, as well as others involving undocumented foreign laborers on Vermont’s dairy farms, spurred the creation of the Vermont Human Trafficking Task Force in May 2011.

Before Seiwa Spa had closed, Essex Police Detective George Murtie said his department planned to take action against the business but wouldn’t offer specifics.

“This is criminal information being relayed to us in a highly detailed and what I would consider credible manner,” Murtie said, referring to the Seven Days story. “So we will definitely respond to the information you provided us with.”

One action police are reluctant to take, however, is to conduct a sting operation like the one Seven Days did. Murtie explained that his department is averse to sending undercover officers into such establishments for fear of putting them in a “compromising position,” as well as possibly “revictimizing women who may have been forced into virtual sexual slavery.”

The Bennington Police Department took a similar approach in its two-year investigation of two spas in that town — the Green and the Cozy — where it was believed prostitution and human trafficking were also taking place.

Murtie, of the Essex Police, suggested that the human trafficking angle is “better handled on the federal level, because of the ease [with] which these women can disappear and move beyond state or even national borders.”

U.S. Attorney Tristram Coffin would not comment on the existence of “past, current or future federal investigations,” but did call human trafficking “a high priority in the Justice Department and in our office.

“If we develop leads of human trafficking, we will aggressively pursue those,” Coffin added. “At the same time, it’s not appropriate for the federal government and federal investigators to become the prostitution police.”

Why hasn’t the Vermont Human Trafficking Task Force taken a more proactive role in ferreting out criminal activities at businesses that openly advertise sex for money on the web? Task-force chairwoman Barbara Whitchurch, of the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services, reiterated that the body has so far focused on training, not investigations, and noted that the task force has no money for investigators.

“We have an unfunded mandate to address everything that needs to be done, so that’s a real challenge,” said Whitchurch. “We’re doing it on a shoestring.” She added that evidence of prostitution here was “not a surprise” to her.

This lack of funding dedicated to and expertise in human trafficking are typical at law-enforcement agencies around the country, according to Bradley Myles, executive director of the Polaris Project, a Washington, D.C.-based anti-trafficking group he founded with another Brown University grad in 2002 after police found Asian sex slaves living in a Providence, R.I., massage parlor.

Myles said it’s believed that most, if not all, of these Asian brothels are loosely affiliated through a nationwide network that operates using a “hub-and-spoke” model. The nearest “hub” to Vermont, according to Myles, is Flushing, N.Y. That’s where police and the FBI believe the owners of the Bennington spas have ties.

Myles said local police are often averse to aggressively pursuing these businesses because many of the female workers don’t speak English and are in the country illegally, making them distrustful or fearful of authorities. Most jurisdictions don’t have reliable and culturally sensitive services for sex-trafficking victims, Myles added, and because of language barriers and the isolation in which they’re kept, the women don’t have connections to the community that would help them stay in place after a massage parlor is raided, “so they scatter to the wind.”

When told that a Burlington spa named in the story had since closed its doors, Myles cautioned against assuming it’s gone for good. It’s common for such businesses to lie dormant for weeks or even months before reopening under a different name and “new” — at least on paper — ownership, with the profits flowing back to the same network. This game of “Whac-A-Mole,” he said, is one more reason why police often get frustrated with such cases.

As he put it, “The day you see that place reopen as a Cold Stone Creamery, that’s the day you know it’s completely gone.”

Disclosure: Ken Picard’s wife, Stacy Graczyk, is a deputy state’s attorney in Chittenden County. She had no professional involvement with this story.

Jun 7, 2013
Diane James

Half-off Serenity Day Spa Massage Deal Ends Soon!

If life is stressing you to the point of breaking, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Flossmoor’s Serenity Day Spa, 3329 Vollmer Rd., is offering a half-off deal for a 75-minute Serenity Deluxe massage. The service includes an hour-long aromatherapy massage combined with a 15-minute foot massage. And if you’re not ready to use it just yet, there’s no worries—the voucher is good for the next five years.

But you have to act fast. The deal expires by the end of the night on June 6.

Check out the deal on Amazon Local to buy now!

May 23, 2013
Diane James

Fox & Company Salon and Day Spa: Best Spa/Massage Company

Eight out of nine isn’t too bad. Fox Company was named Best Spa and Massage Company, something assistant manager Brandon Lokey is very enthusiastic about.

When asked what winning the award meant to them Lokey said, “It means the world to us. This award is voted on by our clients, and it means so much that they would, again, chose us as the best. They are the best clients in Maury County.”

Lokey said the spa is the only day spa in Maury County that offers the Aveda product line, which is plant-based and naturally derived, rather than a chemical-based product that could be harmful to clients, staff and environment. He also stated that the Fox Company staff is second to none and its services are award-winning.

Fox Company is a full-service, Aveda concept salon and spa offering coloring, cuts, extensions and more for hair. Other services include spa facilities, sunless tanning, massage, skin care such as facials and body treatments, manicures, pedicures and makeup and artistry.

The salon is open from 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday; and 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday. The Salon and Day Spa is located at 1211 Hatcher Lane in Columbia. Visit their website at or call (931) 381-1773.

May 7, 2013
Linda Reed

Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: Bella Reina Spa Introduces "Hot Mama" Spa …

“Ageless Hot Mama” is receiving the most attention

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

The renowned spa experts, Bella Reina Spa, have launched an amazing “Hot Mama” promotion just in time for Mothers’ Day. The promotions offer some of the best treatments for mothers including the “Ageless Hot Mama” and the “Relax Hot Mama”.    The “Hot Mama” promotion comes just in time for the Mother’s Day spa gift card buying frenzy.

Bella Reina Spa is making Mother’s Day fun, relaxing and easy for gift-giving! Giving a spa gift this Mothers’ Day becomes easy for Bella Reina Spa clients. Now that the 12th of May is just a couple of days away, the company has already received tremendous response from clients as the “Hot Mama” promotions unfold.

The “Ageless Hot Mama” is receiving the most attention as the popular Non-Surgical Microcurrent Facial is showcased at 50% off it’s normal prices in honor of mothers. Another popular spa package is the “Relax Hot Mama” which offers a spa massage and a spa facial to completely relax your mother, wife, aunt, grandmother or sister on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s spend so much time taking care of others that a spa gift card is the perfect gift to take care of your “Hot Mama”. Gift cards can be purchased online or at the spa. For more information on spa gift cards or “Hot Mama” promotions, call 561-404-7670.

About Bella Reina Spa:

Bella Reina Spa is the leading provider and definitive authority on beauty, wellness and spa treatments in the South Florida area. The spa is dedicated to providing outstanding services and anti-aging treatments, like the non-surgical facelift or the slimming infrared body wrap, to guests with busy lifestyles. Bella Reina Spa was created by Nancy Reagan, a nationally recognized expert in beauty, nutrition, weight loss, skin care and makeup. Nancy and Bella Reina Spa have been featured in the New York Times, WebMD, PC Advisor for her industry expertise and business success. To learn more about how Bella Reina Spa is constantly innovating spa services, programs and packages please visit



Apr 2, 2013
Nancy Keller

Ocean Health Spa Shuts Down

A Tampa massage parlor under investigation for human trafficking has shut down after the building’s landlord terminated the lease.

The building owner determined Ocean Health Spa, at 3631 Henderson Blvd., was violating its lease and therefore terminated it, police said.

The locks were changed on the building, according to a press release from the Tampa Police Department.

Mar 27, 2013
Nancy Keller

Massage Parlor Investigated for Human Trafficking

Tampa Police are investigating the Ocean Health Spa for possible human trafficking, after undercover detectives were offered sex in exchange for money at the Henderson Bouelvard business.

On Thursday, Tampa Police detectives, along with the FBI and the Clearwater Human Trafficking Task Force, executed a search warrant at the spa to determine if there are victims or suspects involved in human trafficking.  

Ocean Spa Massage is owned by William R. Fields, who lives in Florida, according to The three women questioned by detectives at the business Thursday said they haven’t seen Fields, according to Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor.

Neighbors said in interviews with media Thursday that patrons generally park behind the facility, and young female employees in lingerie sometimes stand outside.

An anonymous Crime Stoppers tip in October 2012 led detectives to the Ocean
Spa Massage. According to detectives, undercover officers entered the spa on two occasions, and were offered sex acts in exchange for money.

A subsequent Health Department Inspection discovered multiple mattresses and personal belongings in a back room. When the Health Department visited, several of the female employees ran out the back door.

Detectives seized evidence during the search warrant and the investigation is ongoing.  

Authorities also noted that multiple websites mention that the place is a hub for prostitution. Below are sites that authorities named, in support of executing the serach warrant:

Mar 26, 2013
Nancy Keller

Human trafficking probe leads to South Tampa spa

Neighbors said something seemed wrong at Ocean Spa Massage in South Tampa.

Lots of cars came and went. Everyone seemed to want to park behind the business instead of in front. The female employees were young and sometimes could be seen hanging around out back, wearing lingerie or tight shorts.

So Katherine Cusmano wasn’t surprised when she saw Tampa police officers at Ocean Spa Massage serving a search warrant Thursday afternoon.

“I feel very sorry for everybody,” said Cusmano, who works at La Di Da Consignment, which is next to Ocean Spa Massage, 3631 Henderson Blvd. “I feel sorry for who I believe the woman in charge is. I feel sorry for the young girls, and I feel sorry for the whole situation in a bigger picture kind of way.”

The search warrant was related to a Tampa Police Department investigation into possible human trafficking, said Tampa police Chief Jane Castor.

Castor said police received an anonymous tip in October that human trafficking was occurring at the business. Detectives then conducted an undercover operation and were offered sex acts for money, she said.

Police then conducted a second undercover operation and again were offered sex acts for money, she said.

“There is definite evidence of prostitution inside of this location,” Castor said.

The Hillsborough County Health Department earlier this year conducted an inspection at the business. When investigators arrived, a number of women ran out the back door, Castor said. The inspector found mattresses, clothing and a significant amount of food, giving the impression that people were living there, the chief said.

Police questioned three women Thursday. Two are Korean residents, the third is a U.S. citizen, Castor said. Police spoke to the Korean woman through an interpreter.

No one was arrested or charged Thursday. Police say the investigation is ongoing.

The American woman appears to have a valid massage license, but the two Korean women did not appear to be licensed, Castor said.

Ocean Spa Massage is owned by William R. Fields, who lives in Florida, according to state business records. He could not be reached for comment Thursday. The three women questioned at the business Thursday said they haven’t seen Fields, Castor said.

Cases of suspected human trafficking are difficult to investigate, she said.

“Most of the time these individuals don’t want to come forward, especially if they are in this country illegally,” Castor said.

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